Negative Format is back with a new studio album in 2008. The sound has been further defined. The journey on Gradients examines the human mind, the dark, the light, the greys in between. Negative Format continues to border several genres with delicate pads, intricate beats, beautiful vocals, methodical glitches, epic synths, downtempo rhythms, and floor pounding kicks. We control your reaction.

2008 on Metropolis Records

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Moving Past The Boundaries

On this release Negative Format explores new territory and redefines it's classic sound, incorporating elements from techno and trance to industrial and ebm.. Negative Format has broken genre barriers to create an incredible journey. This release introduces Vocals from Rashree Matson (The Parallel Project, Tristesse De La Lune) who with her beautiful voice, further enriches the sound of Negative Format.

Released 2005 on Metropolis Records

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Cipher Method

Cipher Method is the new full length cd from Negative Format. It is a journey into the dark recesses of the human mind, unlocking our encrypted thought patterns. cipher method was built with complex beat and rhythm structures, mixing Negative Format's trance melodies with dark atmospheric overtones, aand a mixture of vocoded and ebm vocal passages.

2003 on Sector 9 Studios

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Negative Format is back with a new ebm release inspired by hard trance. this ep is sure to fill the dancefloors. featuring 4 new tracks, 3 remixes by accredited ebm artists, and an unreleased remix of n.e.a.r. from the renowned distant pulses album.

2002 on Sector 9 Studios

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Distant Pulses

A journey into Space. Negative Format creates an unforgettable electronic soundscape. Driving rythmns, vocoded vocals, complex beats, and melodic synth lines create the perfect future.


Released 2000 Gashed!

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Result of a New Culture

A sonic ride through a dystopian future. Disgut paints the landscape, a disgust for what our culture has become, dependent on technology, wrought with greed. This is the soundtrack of a world on a path hellbent for destruction. Alex captures this world, with harsh rhythms, intricate beats, eerie vocas, and delicately selected samples. Released 1998 on Zoth Ommog / Gashed!
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Pathologic Syndrome
Released 1997 Hypnotic Trancez Music
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